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More Creme, Please

There’s a new flavor of gum in the Extra “Dessert Delights” line. It’s called Orange Creme Pop. I can’t do the little slash over the first “e” in Creme, so you’ll just have to imagine it. I saw this flavor in Target. They seem to be the source of all my interesting gums and candies lately.

I had already tried Exra’s other flavors. I posted about Strawberry Cheesecake and Key Lime Pie. I somehow missed talking about Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, which is weird because it’s my favorite flavor of Dessert Delights, which is weird because I don’t like mint-flavored things, generally speaking.

Anyway, the Orange Creme Pop is good, but I was disappointed. It tasted orangey, but I expected more Creme. The best possible outcome would have been that it tasted like orange-flavored childrens aspirin. An acceptable outcome would have been Orange Creamsicle. This just tastes orangey. Meh. I probably won’t buy this flavor again.

It's just okay...


  1. Lauren

    Mmmmmm….. orange children’s aspirin…….. I am transported back to when we used to sneak them out of Mr. Houston’s desk in fourth grade……

  2. Peggy

    You are a good experimenter. I don’t try new gum flavors too often for some reason. I always get the same old cinnamon or Wrigleys Juicy Fruit or some bubble gum flavor or Fruit Stripe gum …. which btw, there is no better smell than a nice big whiff of a newly opened package of Fruit Stripe gum…..ahhhhhhhh!!

    • Carol

      …which reminds me of the “1001 Classic Commercials” DVD box set I got recently for the astounding price of about $9. It included a commercial for the jungle animals who promoted Fruit Stripes gum – ah, those were the days! [Anyone wanting to borrow the DVD set must be at least 50 years old to have memories of more than half the components.] Didn’t realize until your post, Peggy, that they even made that gum any more. Sigh.

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