I think yesterday was the third or fourth time I’ve visited James Arthur Vineyards while staying in Nebraska. It’s becoming a Thing. Yay! I love Things!

Once again, we sat out under the gazebo and sipped wine samples and ate finger foods and enjoyed one another’s company. Once again I left with bottles of wine in my possession. What a fun day!

To make the day even more fun, the vineyard had resident cats! I’ve been feeling a little “cat withdrawal” since coming to Nebraska, so I thoroughly enjoyed the cats at the vineyard because they were so friendly and they liked being petted. One of the cats had been hit by a car in the parking lot and had to have one of its back legs amputated. He used to be called Diablo. Now he’s called Tripod.

He liked having his ears scratched.

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3 Responses to Tripod

  1. Lauren says:

    Awwww…… I love Tripod. He was so friendly! Lloyd and I are in disagreement about what his name should be. I think Gimpy would be great, he votes for Skip or Tipsy.

    Vineyard cats are better than bookstore cats because they know you might have food. Bookstore cats know there’s no chance of that.

  2. Peggy says:

    Oh yea….well, last night I had chocolate milk!

    Actually this post depicts the difference between you & I very well. You’re royalty sipping wine in a beautiful, lush vineyard…………and I’m the 3 legged cat.

    • Carol says:

      Nonsense, Peggy! I’ve seen your feet and there are but two of them – honest. (Or were you just trying to say you enjoyed a good scratch behid the ears?)

      What a trooper, that Tripod. Good for him for going with a name switch, too – animals don’t always catch on to that. ‘Course, that presupposes he came when called by name; being a cat and all, maybe not.

      Wonder which is more difficult for four-legged critters: loosing a forelimb or a hind limb? He looks like he’s adapted well enough to hsi new state – I don’t see a walker, cane or braces anywhere in the photo. No more standing on hind legs to beg from humans, though, I imagine…

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