I needed a battery, but was too lazy to go very far for it, so I just went across the street to the gas station. I was in luck! They had it. But something was really strange about the packaging:

Generic Duracells?

The casing of the battery looked like a Duracell, but the packaging looked generic. The date stamped on the bottom of the battery was weird too. It was May of 2010. And it didn’t look like the original bottom of the battery. It looked re-conditioned or something. I have a battery tester, so I checked to see if it had any power. It did.

I only needed it for a one-time use, so I threw it away after I was done. Who knows what would happen with such a frankenstein battery? And I think next time I need a battery, I’ll go a little farther and get it at the drug store.

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3 Responses to Odd

  1. Carol says:

    [Warning: the second paragraph of this post contains a high percentage of over-used punctuation marks.]

    Yikes! You may have uncovered a ring of franken-battery vendors and not realized it at the time! What should one do under these circumstances? Who would one turn in to authorities – the store who sold them to you? Nah, better to just chuck ’em and let the next unsuspecting buyer make the same discovery after he’s home that you did.
    Plus, you already got your single use out of it, so…

    WHAT?! You didn’t notice the different spelling of “alcaline” on the battery itself?! This should have been a clue, no?!?!? If you can still find the battery and wrapping iny our refuse, I’d take it back and show your find to the cashier…ask for the manager…apologize for not noticing all this before you left the store, but – THIS IS FRAUD!!!!!!!!

    Off my soap box now. Have a nice day……

  2. Lauren says:

    Maybe somebody is buying them in bulk from France and repackaging them to make a euro.

  3. Peggy says:

    That is really weird!!

    Although, genertic can be as good as the real thing. Not when it comes to chocolate, but maybe with batteries. Do they also sell generic gas…for a lot less?

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