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A Trash-Taking Mystery

On trash day, I used to put trash out in the morning, but then I missed the truck a couple of times, so now I do the night before. This past trash day, I was a little worried, because there was a big bag of crab shells in the can. I had been keeping them in the freezer, which is what I usually do with trash that might stink or rot. But the crabs would be sitting out all night. Would anything get into them?

As I walked to my truck in the morning, I noticed that my trash can was empty. I took it back to my porch and started to leave for school. But then I noticed that none of my neighbors’ trash was gone. And then I noticed that mine wasn’t either. It was across the street next to another big pile of trash bags. I thought maybe an animal had gotten into the bags, but nope. I think a human did this. But why? Is somebody stalking me and wanted to rustle through my trash? Were they testing the limits of the sanitation workers’ willingness to take a super-large pile of trash?

Whatever the case, I’m very glad the trash was all taken. Old crab shells really stink. And though it’s been pretty cool out lately, it’s not freezer-cool.

My bags are the four white bags and two black bags in the lower right corner.


  1. Lauren

    Ok, that is really weird. Why? Why?? Didn’t you say that the trash company won’t pick up trash unless it’s in a can? Maybe somebody is really mad at your neighbors and is trying to get them in trouble.

  2. Carol

    1. If you were I, this mystery would continue to bug me until I knew what really happened. Are you going to now plant cameras around the perimeter of your front yard on trash night so you can review film the next day, or just wait until someone “fesses up” for some reason?
    2. Smoley hokes, you guys have a ton of weekly refuse; we two generate but one kitchen trash bag size/week +/- kitty litter (yes, we actually toss ours when needed along with everything else and haven’t gotten any ‘tude from our collectors yet – ‘course, this is the County, too…). This must come from all your building projects, food tests, and/or take-out food containers, right? Or, you don’t separate out recyclables? (gasp!)
    3. Wait – you had steamed crabs and kept that secret/didn’t share? OK…I see how it is now…

    • Brad

      Denis had a birthday party on Saturday and invited a bunch of friends/co-workers. He ordered a bushel of crabs. (A bushel is a LOT of crabs!) Anyway, the party generated four bags of trash: one for pre-party cleaning, and three for post-party clean-up.

  3. Peggy

    Can trash have doppelgangers?

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