End Caps

My kitchen cabinets are from IKEA. The shelves are their standard beech finish, but my doors are a darker color. There are end-cap pieces to make the sides of the cabinets the same color as the doors. They were really easy to attach – until I got to the part under the microwave. That would require cutting a piece. I don’t know why, but that made me put it off. For a long, long time. Six years, to be exact. Yesterday I finally cut the board and attached the pieces. It looks nice. I still have to do the toe-kicks.

See the difference in wood color?

Now it matches.

I have been spending a lot of time alone lately. I like alone time, but I think I have limits. I think I’m starting to crave more human interaction. As I was returning some screws at Home Depot yesterday, I initiated a long conversation with the woman in front of me in line. She is replacing her deck steps. The guy with her (not in the picture) looked like her son. They’re almost done. The mosquitoes are driving them crazy.

I’ll have to make sure my solitude doesn’t drive me crazy. Maybe I’ll just go to Home Depot each day and chat with the people waiting in the returns line.
I liked her colorful pants.

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6 Responses to End Caps

  1. Lauren says:

    The cabinet looks great! I am impressed with the checking off of the to-do list that you’re accomplishing.

    I think you could actually work at Home Depot. You could make it your mission to be the One Guy who actually knows where everything is, since no one else seems to.

  2. Carol says:

    Indeed, another task finally completed – good for you! (I thought the end of the cabinet looked fine in the BEFORE shot, but my standards are lower than most folks when it comes to cabinetry, I guess.) As for the alone time and talking with strangers in lines, you may have just shed some light on……..my mother. She was forever striking up conversations when we’d be out in public – long ones! – with people she’d never met: waiting for a train or bus, in line at the grocery (forever looking through her coupons for the people in front of us, no less), wherever she went. Being far younger in those days, I became the comensurate (sp?) embarrassed offspring at all these occasions. But, then, at home most of the day was……just her. So good for you if you are committed to not falling into the trap of staying alone for long periods and then starting to talk to the ants in the kitchen, for example, for companionship. Maybe some serious plant planning and planting (type that five times fast!) over here will help, too. Lookin’ forward to it!

  3. Peggy says:

    Well done again! I do so admire your resolve to do something on your days off!

    And maybe you could volunteer for jury duty, or go to the mall & take a survey, or have a lemonade stand on Harford Road.

    Survey: Excuse me, I’m taking a survey & I was wondering if you’d rather have 5 tiny buckets stuck on 5 fingers of the hand of your choice for one year, or a bucket stuck to your foot for a year. (I choose the foot)

  4. Brady G. says:

    wanted to send you a picture of a present that i got from the wife and kids for my birthday today (please send me your personal e-mail address). also, happy half birthday yesterday. Miriam wanted to tell you happy half birthday and did you have a cupcake because of it. today (August 9) is my actual birthday.

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