Sticky Notes and a Chicken

Yesterday was another work day at school. After Bible study and church, I went to my classroom to plan for the week. It’s nice having my classroom be steps away from church. One stop shopping!

My weekly schedule of classes is a little bewildering. My classes meet three or four times a week, but at different times of the day, depending on what day of the week it is. To avoid deep confusion, I have been using a weekly planner. This is the first time in my life I’ve used one of these. Before, it was just writing a list, or just keeping track of it in my head. Doing that now is beyond my abilities. To further help me in my organizational efforts, I use sticky notes. Everywhere. At the end of my day yesterday, the trash can was speckled with spent papers. My desk was down to only a few sticky notes. And I was off to the store to buy more.
My favorite kind is the small rectangle that is about 1 by 0.5 inches.

On an unrelated note, here is a chicken that lives in the parking lot of Safeway:
Hehe...  There are chickens everywhere in Maui.

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8 Responses to Sticky Notes and a Chicken

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! Best ending to a post ever! More random chicken shots!

    I am impressed with your organization and dedication. Why are the schedules different for different days? Do the children have extra-curricular classes thrown in occasionally?

    • Brad says:

      There are some enrichment classes that meet only on Tuesdays an Thursdays. But the schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are all different. In fact, every single day is different for me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn it, even by the end of the year.
      Must… get… more sticky notes…

  2. Peggy says:

    I 2nd that HAHA! Gives new meaning to “Fresh chicken sold here” huh?

  3. Carol says:

    WAIT! Have you tried the Sticky Note feature/application/program/whatever the proper tech jargon is for it that’s on your laptop? I stumbled upon them last year and now cannot live without them! [I assume your laptop has this feature?] Sure saves a ton of trees, is easy to retain (don’t you hate it when the sticky wears off at the least opportune time?), easy to change, add…did I mention I love this feature? (Best part? I used them before Steve Haar did. 🙂 )

    [A chicken living in a grocery store parking lot….not the brightest bird on the beach, is he? It’s just a matter of time…]

  4. Tammy says:

    If my Mother-in-Law was responsible for filling your Christmas Stocking – you would never run out of sticky notes (or WD-40) . . . AND that chicken in the parking lot is hilarious.

  5. Lloyd says:

    At first I thought that was The Christmas Chicken.

  6. Kim says:

    You are addicted to your sticky notes, but try creating schedule on the computer as a word document chart. I would leave one open all day and make changes to it after a class met.

    And random chickens could be your new normal. Not many random chickens in Baltimore City.

  7. Kristi says:

    At our wedding (15 years ago), friends gave us an old milk-can that was filled with 3M products. (One of them worked for 3M.) It was filled with all sizes of sticky notes, but mostly the square yellow ones. We are now down to our last shoe-box size box of notes.

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