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I’m not much of a bottled water drinker. Why buy it when I could get it from the tap for (mostly) free? I understand that other people do buy water for various reasons, and I’m okay with that, it’s just not for me.

But I have discovered some water I’m willing to pay for:

I get it from Target.

I get it from Target.

It is carbonated and it has flavoring, but no sweetener. Mmm… I love it. I ration myself when drinking it because it isn’t (mostly) free like my tap water. It really hits the spot when I’m craving something. And as an added bonus, the carbonation seems to settle my stomach. A few chugs of sparkling water, a few burps, and my stomach feels great!

Sheesh! This reads like a commercial. I’m just trying to say I like this sparkling water stuff. The brand doesn’t seem to matter. I do prefer lemon or lime flavor though.


  1. Carol

    This does sound like a refreshing find! 🙂

    Fruit2O is similar – it is the essence of the fruit flavoring, but it lacks the carbonation; that wouldn’t do much for your tummy, I realize, but your tooth enamel would be less stressed by carbonic acid (“what a buzz kill, Carol!”). In case you ever cannot find your original choice, perhaps mixing Fruit2O with seltzer water?

    Anywho, enjoy your new-found refreshment!!

  2. Lauren

    Well, this is just one more chink in the armor of ‘don’t buy a soda-making kit’. It seems to me that you could make your own carbonated water anytime you wish, and flavor it however you want. Lemon, lime, cucumber, bacon – the sky’s the limit! And it would pay for itself in just…. three years?

    • Brad

      I have wondered about those soda machines a little. But buying the machine and specialized ingredients has got to be expensive. I can’t imagine they could argue the “saving money” angle. I buy these bottles for about 50 cents each.

  3. Peggy

    Although I love soda, I prefer my water non-aerated (did I use that word correctly). It’s like drinking Alka-seltzer to me. Blech!

    I wonder how Sparkling coffee would taste? Or milk?

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