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I got a new tube of Biotene, my regular brand of toothpaste. It said “new and improved” on the box. When I took it out, I noticed they changed the cap. It used to be a flip cap, but now it’s a screw-off lid. Dang. When I started brushing my teeth, I tasted the dull metallic flavor of sodium saccharin. Double Dang. I had already thrown the box away, so I couldn’t read it. Since I was in the store yesterday, I checked. Sure enough, there it was:

AND sucralose?  Are they trying to kill me?

AND sucralose? Are they trying to kill me?

Biotene was my go-to toothpaste, dang it. Now I can never use it again. Artificial sweeteners leave a bitter/metallic taste in my mouth long after I’ve used them. Fortunately, I have a couple other toothpastes to turn to.

Tom's to the rescue!

Tom’s to the rescue!


  1. Lauren

    I have a tube of Biotene from long ago – would you like me to send it to you if I ever get around to mailing your shoes back to you? If nothing else, you could use the cap.

    Sorry about your taste buds. 🙁

  2. Aunt Bev

    I, too, was disappointed when the toothpaste that I bought had a screw lid and not a flip….Aren’t we all spoiled creatures of habit?

    I’m coming to Baltimore on the 28th with Paul & Linda….Hope we can see you somehow, somewhere, sometime…. We’ll find a new way of living, we’ll find a way of forgiving…..OOPS….. got carried away on song lyrics! 🙂

    Love Your Posts….

    <3 From Nebraska Aunt Bev 🙂

    • Peggy

      Hehe….that’s one of my favorite songs!

      So did you figure out Brad, what was “New & Improved” about the new toothpaste? Thank goodness for back-ups.

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