Old Song

Last night at choir practice, the guy next to me noticed the composer name on the music we were singing:

1870 -

1870 –

The composer was born in 1870 and there was no death date listed. He did a verbal double-take. What was going on? Then he looked at the copyright date for the music.



That made a little more sense. He would have still been alive in 1967. That would make him… ninety-seven? Wait.. he wrote this choir piece when he was ninety-seven?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Was he Scottish? There was a S. J. Wallis that wrote an article for some journal back in 1907. (Thank you, Google.) I bet he’s immortal and you’ll have to cut off his head. There can be only one.

    (Did I get the Highlander movie stuff right?)

  2. Lloyd says:

    I plan on writing a song when I’m 97.

  3. Brady D Gurganious says:

    what is the full name of the song?

  4. Brady D Gurganious says:

    never mind. found it.

  5. Brady D Gurganious says:

    There was a Sydney James Wallis who was part of the Scottish Episcopal Church in 1892. He is listed at the catechist and a deacon.

    Also, there is a grave marking one S J Wallis in the Hampton National Cemetery in Hampton City Virginia. One site has him dying 1863, one has it as 1969.

    i spent too much time on this and didn’t get very far. my apologies.

    • Brad says:

      Hehe… The time stamps on your comments say how long you were looking. A good effort, sir. I can’t say that I haven’t spent even longer searching for some trivial bit of info.

  6. Brady D Gurganious says:

    Don’t tell my boss, but it was significantly longer than what the time stamps would indicate.

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