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The Check Is in the Mail

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my old mortgage company. When I opened it, it was a check! At first, I thought it must be like one of those car dealer places or sketchy loan places that send you a thing that looks like a check, but really it’s just a loan or an ad for a loan or something. When I looked more closely, I saw that it was indeed a real check. A check for $1,300. Woo hoo!

What it actually is, is a refund on my escrow for my old loan. My new loan’s escrow was taken out of the total amount, so it actually was $1,300 short. I will either be putting this together with my loan money (to help mitigate the ever-increasing cost of the porch project), or I will simply deposit it in my account and transfer it immediately as a payment toward my loan. Either way, it’s not really extra money that I can go on a trip to New Zealand with, so it’s not really as exciting as it would seem.

My former mortgage company had a weird name.

My former mortgage company had a weird name.


  1. Carol

    …and in the background Gus says, “That would by tons of litter and kibble – wuddadyagonna do with it, huh?”

    Sorry, Gus – in the right hand and out the left, it seems. So goes the life of us humans.

    • Lauren

      That was sweet, Carol.:)

      Enjoy that money! Thank goodness you didn’t tear it up, sight unseen. That could have been bad.

  2. Lloyd

    When I first saw the photo, I thought that you were picking the letter up off the ground and that Gus had earlier inadvertently stepped in front of your shrink ray. perspective is hard.

    • Brad

      I almost said something about the weirdness of the camera focusing on the letter and Gus at the same time.

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