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Happy Fathers Day! Woo hoo! I’m feeling bad because I missed saying “Happy Birthday” to my dad. His birthday was Friday. I’ve stopped looking at calendars since school ended, so I missed the date. Dang.

Speaking of calendars, yesterday was the 50th anniversary celebration for my old school here in Baltimore. I didn’t know it was happening until about a week ago, when I got a letter in the mail from someone who was doing a slide show of pictures from the school’s history and asked me for a “now” picture to follow my “then” picture from an old yearbook. This is the picture I took:

I think I'll make this my Facebook profile picture.

I think I’ll make this my Facebook profile picture.

I didn’t end up sending the picture, because his letter seemed to suggest that teachers who would be present didn’t need to include a picture.

I wanted to go, so I texted Michele. She said she could get tickets and said she would go if I did. I’m glad she went, because she helped me remember some names. I did do pretty well though. I remembered quite a few more than expected.

I saw some former students, but not too many. The alumni who were there were mostly from longer ago. Most excitingly, I saw former co-workers – some of whom I haven’t seen in more than ten years. It was really fun seeing them again. I saw sixth grade teacher Donna, for those of you who know her. I think it’s been more like fifteen years since I’ve seen her. She hasn’t changed a bit. Ha!

There was food at the event, and it was from Silver Spring Mining Company (one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore). Mmmm…

The program was a little long, but it was fun. I was glad I went.

The banquet was in a tent on the site of the field house that collapsed from snow this past winter.

The banquet was in a tent on the site of the field house that collapsed from snow this past winter.


  1. Carol

    I was sorry we had to leave before the film montage at the very end. (I somehow thought it would be running in the background the entire time – show’s what I know…) Were there any funny shots you can recall?

    I was also sorry that, with 10 chairs around our table, it was more challenging to engage in conversation past two on either side of me. (Translation: sorry we didn’t chat more there.)

    I was also sorry some of the “talkers” didn’t get my mental “speed it up, son!” cues racing through my head at the time. Gotta work on my telepathic skillz.

    Good to see you nonetheless. We’ll tawk…

  2. Lauren

    Wow! You know it’s fancy when they bring out the Sterno cans. That is quite the turnout! It seems like it was pretty nice weather, too. You have certainly made some good connections out in ol’ Maryland, Brad. 🙂 (Nice photo, too.)

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