On the Move

My application was accepted for my first choice of apartments! Yay! I will have to post about it tomorrow, because I couldn’t move in immediately. I have to fill out paperwork and whatnot. I move in today.

Last week I had told the shipping company that I would pick up my stuff on the 13th (yesterday). I called to see if they could hold it one more day. “They will charge you,” the young woman on the phone said. So I decided to rent a Uhaul truck for one day. I could put my stuff in it, let it sit overnight, then unload it today.

But where to park it? Barb suggested their condo parking lot. She said to ask at the office. I couldn’t believe how friendly all the people were. The woman in the office walked out to the parking lot with me to discuss things, then called a site manager guy who drove me around in a golf cart. I loved the chat we had while we drove around. He was so friendly. I love the people who live here.

Behold - all my worldly possessions.

Behold – all my worldly possessions.

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6 Responses to On the Move

  1. Lauren says:

    … all your worldly possessions that most likely don’t fill up that truck, right? You are a true minimalist right now, but without all the pretentious nonsense. 🙂

    I am so glad that you are in a place with kind people – you fit right in. Mahalo! (Am I using that right?)

    • Brad says:

      There is a lot of empty space in the truck. I could only find a fifteen footer, so the truck is way bigger than I need it to be. I was so thankful to the guys who were helping me move stuff from my shipping container to the truck that I didn’t get my phone out for a picture of the transfer.

      ‘Mahalo’ means ‘thank you’
      I’m not sure what Hawaiian word would be appropriate here… maybe just ‘Aloha’?

  2. Kristi says:

    Is that a CAMEL on the U-haul?

  3. Carol says:

    Congratulations on snagging Choice #1 there! Have fun setting everything up just the way you like it – should take, what, about an hour now? 😉

  4. Debbie says:

    I think we would need 8 uhauls at this point in life. The big ones! Lol I know you’ve condensed your belongings and that is a great cleansing. How awesome for you to start over in such a happy place!

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