Last Supper

Yesterday was my last day in Nebraska.

In the morning, I chatted with Brent about retirement and our Roth IRAs. It was interesting. I will enjoy exploring some options for my IRA.

In the afternoon, I stopped by to watch the end of Star Wars with Beth and Tim, then headed to hang out with my mom. Our evening plans were for a family meal. We would have KFC. Mmmm….

We went to Lincoln to get the KFC. On the way back, there was another spectacular evening sky.

Our evening meal was delightful. I laughed a lot. I love the laughing.

I travel back to Maui today. I left at 4:30am from Seward.

Flight info:
American Airlines #5768
Depart Omaha 7:20am
Arrive Dallas 9:28am

Flight #119
Depart Dallas 11:10am
Arrive Kahului 3:45pm

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6 Responses to Last Supper

  1. Lauren says:

    Safe travels, Brad. It was so good to have you here. You will be missed! I pray that your return flight is much, much more uneventful than the one coming out this way. 🙂

  2. Kristi says:

    The blessing of family is one that is unmatched by anything else. So glad you came home to them. Hope your flight is BORING. Happy New Year!

  3. Brad says:

    My flight was delayed until 9:30pm. Yikes!
    I rescheduled to go through Honolulu

    American #5
    Depart Dallas 3:00 (also delayed – was scheduled for 10:10am)
    Arrive Honolulu 7:36pm

    American #7942
    Depart Honolulu 8:50pm
    Arrive Kahului 9:29pm

    I did at least get a travel voucher this time…

  4. Diane Wilson says:

    Oh my! What a long day of travel! Someone left your white truck by the modular. It’s all ready and waiting for you! It’s 76 and sunny on Maui right now! I’m sure Gus will be happy to see you! Sleep in tomorrow!

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