Happy Birthday to my niece Tara! Yay!!

I have talked about the tiny ants in my kitchen. Lately, I’ve been seeing them in my truck. It’s weird… if I ever leave an empty bottle of milk or an opened box of cookies or crackers, there are ants all over it in no time. And it isn’t just happening in my apartment parking space – it’s happening everywhere. I’ve begun to suspect that the ants are LIVING in my truck! Ack!

On Thursday, I stopped at Lowe’s and got some Terro. I put it in an empty Dayquil blister package. The results were disturbing:

There were so many ants I couldn't see the Terro anymore.

There were so many ants I couldn’t see the Terro anymore.

I hope they didn’t all just get stuck in the Terro and die; I hope they also ate some and carried it back to the colony and the queen.

*jibblie* *jibblie* There’s an ant colony in my truck! Where would it be? No… no… I don’t want to know…

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3 Responses to Hitchhikers

  1. Lauren says:

    Ugh! How awful and fascinating at the same time! I guess on a tropical island, things can really live and grow anywhere. Bleh.

    We have an ant situation at school. They are coming in through one of the windows. I thought they were nesting in a plant, so I threw the plant away. Your next step is to ditch the truck.

  2. Elaine Royuk says:

    That is certainly “way over the top”!!! Does anyone else have a problem like this??

  3. Lloyd says:

    You know those times when you’ve thought that maybe you felt the seat move a little bit? Maybe that wasn’t all in your head.

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