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Painting Present

Denis’ birthday was April 18. I had a present for him, but hadn’t sent it yet. Yesterday it finally got to him, so I can write about it.

During Lent, I have my seventh graders do a Lenten Pledge – they choose some bad habit to stop doing, or choose some good habit to start doing. I always do something during Lent too. This year, I said I was going to paint with water colors a little each day.

I didn’t paint each day, but I did paint more than I had been doing before Lent. I decided to try another cat, since I had some success with Lloyd and Lauren’s cats. This time I did Gus. Brent took a picture of him a couple of years ago that I have hanging behind my desk at school. I used that to paint from.

It took me a while to get his face painted. Lloyd and Lauren’s cat picture was from farther away, so there was less detail. Mixing colors is interesting. I sometimes had a hard time getting what I wanted, and sometimes what I came up with was done by accident.

I think it came out pretty good though, so I’m putting it into the memory archive:

My List includes painting a portrait. I meant of a person, but maybe I’ll make a note there.


  1. Lauren

    Oh. My. Stars!!! That is so (I have typed many adjectives and none of them are strong enough) MARVELOUS! The eyes look just perfect – he’s looking right at me! The ears!! So detailed! His wrinkles! You are truly talented, Brad! Awwww….widdle Gus, I just want to snuggle paper you….

  2. Debbie Foelber

    WOW ! Have you have been hiding your talent under a bushel? It is beautiful!

  3. Elaine Royuk

    Quite amazing, Brad!

  4. Brent


  5. Brent

    Does this project allow you to cross an item off your List?

    • Brad

      Hehe. I wondered about that, but I when I wrote that, I meant a portrait of a person. Still, it might be worth noting it on the List.

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