Stove Steak

In a way, yesterday was officially my first day of summer. I celebrated by sleeping in, then staying inside all day.

I watched some TV, cleaned some things, did some laundry, and watched more TV. It was fun, but I think my stamina for “nothing” is a little weak right now. I do intend to go in to school this coming week, but I will also have some downtime. I’ll build up my “nothing” skills again.

In the evening, I was craving some meat. I remembered that Aunt Marlys brought some steaks when she visited. I got one out and prepared to cook it. Not having a grill, I would have to cook it on the stove. I used THIS web page for instructions.

It came out perfectly! Yum! I used a little too much salt, but that’s easy to fix. The steak was delicious! It had a flavorful crust, and was cooked just right. For my memory archive, it was twelve minutes, turning it every minute or so.

I added butter and pepper at the very end.

I added butter and pepper at the very end.

Medium rare.  Just right.

Medium rare. Just right.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Mmmmmmmm…….. fourteen minutes for me when I come over, please. 🙂

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