Brad’s Barber Shop

Some time in the past, some internet search software determined that Bradaptation is the website for a barber shop. I often get emails from people and organizations promising to help get the word out about my barber shop, or to help me with employee payroll, or some other such service.

It’s interesting – if I google Brad’s Barber Shop and Bradaptation, I see several pages on the internet that link various barber shops around the country to Bradaptation.

Maybe it was because I wrote about my haircuts for a while? Maybe it was just a wild guess? Whatever the case, Colin says he can help me find employees for my shop. I sometimes feel like I could use some help grading papers. Maybe I could use Colin’s services to find someone.

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4 Responses to Brad’s Barber Shop

  1. Carol says:

    This is a RIOT! Indeed – see if “Colin” (or whoever this autobot is actually) can find those willing to help evaluate student work for you. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, maybe you should just cave and actually open your own barber shop. A little side income is never a bad idea…my Dad used to look forward to getting a hair cut because he always fell asleep in the chair – said it was among the best napping spots in town! You go, boy!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Obviously, you need to open a barbershop, specializing in your specific style. 😉

    • Brad says:

      It could be like Pop’n’Dog! I could do just one thing, and do it very inexpensively. “What kind of haircut would you like? It doesn’t matter! We only give clipper cuts with a 1/2 guard. All your hair will be 1/16 of an inch long.”

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