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Early Exercise

For the memory archive, I wanted to take a picture of Trainer Cristina’s garage where I exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I’ve been exercising for maybe a month now? I thought by now I’d be saying that thing I’ve heard other people say: “I really look forward to my workouts. They give me energy and start my day off right!”

I don’t feel like that. I kind of dread going, and I’m tired after I’m done. But I can tell the exercise is working. My body feels different. That’s enough to keep me going back.

She's had that old car since high school.

She’s had that old car since high school.

Cristina is funny, and I really enjoy chatting with her while I exercise. The neighborhood had TONS of pets, which is awesome. Every time I exercise, the neighbor takes his two dogs on a walk. They always run into the garage to get scratches from me and Cristina. Cristina’s cat Pedro often watches me exercise, too.

So I guess I do sort of look forward to going, but not because of the exercise.


  1. Lauren

    I am so proud of you. Just the word ‘exercise’ is tiring to me, so kudos to you for getting up and actually doing some.

    Huh. Maybe there’s a pet reward that would motivate me. I’d walk a couple of miles everyday if I could see a friendly lion up close. Yeah. It would take a lion.

  2. Carol

    …and what’s the story on the old car in her garage? And where is the Toyota truck we have come to look for over the years?! Inquiring minds need to know!

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