New Old Place

The grocery store I usually shop at has moved to a new location. The new store is big and beautiful, but it is farther away from the original location.

Since yesterday was my usual grocery shopping day, I shopped. But I didn’t go to the new location of my old store, I went to the old location of an new store in Kihei. Well, it’s not a new store, but it’s new to me. Well, not new-new… I’ve been there a lot of times. But it’ll be a new place for me to regularly shop at.

It’s past my place when I’m coming home from work, but I think it is less out of the way than the new place in Kahului.

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2 Responses to New Old Place

  1. Debbie says:

    If it’s different it’s new to you even tho you’ve been there before when it was old, but not really old, familiar, not old but not new, new. Will you go there when your old…. and think it’s new?

    • Lauren says:

      Ha! That was funny, Debbie.

      It’s so weird that you have so many places to choose. Maui’s as big as Seward county, yes? So many Safeways!

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