Something Old, Something New

My condo is pretty hot during the day when I’m not home. I leave the windows open for Gus, and I think he likes the warmth, but it’s pretty hard on flowers. My carnations from last week didn’t last as long as I thought they would.

This week, I got gladiolus flowers. I’ve never actually had glads as cut flowers. There were a bunch of different color choices. I chose purple.

My quick internet search says glads like warmth, so I might be in luck. It also said they sometimes don’t open all the way up the stem. I’m curious to find out.

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3 Responses to Something Old, Something New

  1. Debbie says:

    Glad you picked those! Always glad to see gladiolus! You’ll be so glad! I can’t help it….

  2. Lauren says:

    I never knew those were called gladiolus. They’re magnificently tall!

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