Seeking Soft

Last time I was in Target, I looked at the toothbrushes. I always have trouble finding what I like, because I like SOFT bristle brushes… like, super soft. It’s supposed to be better for your tooth enamel. I think I have soft enamel, because I got cavities all the time, and my teeth are all cracked now. So I use soft bristle toothbrushes.

I have always only found what I wanted at Korean grocery stores, but this time, they were in Target. Target! They had “ultra soft” toothbrushes. Yay!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yay for Target having what you need! Plus, you have a two-pack, so you are set for a while.

    I’ve been using a soft electric toothbrush for a while on Rachel’s recommendation. You’re supposed to let the bristles do the work and not scrub as hard as with a regular brush. I don’t know if it’s cleaning my teeth any better than a regular one, since I never go to the dentist, but it certainly is noisier.

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