Comings and Goings

My Aunt Bev has gone to be with Jesus. She commented here sometimes in the past, but hasn’t been able to since having a stroke. It is such a blessing that she is free from her earthy restraints now, and rejoicing in heaven with those who have gone before. I’m sure my cousins miss her. Please keep them in your prayers.

Yesterday I went to a different church and visited. It’s one of the oldest churches on the island. It was so fun. They have a long tradition of ministering to native Hawaiians. All of the songs were in Hawaiian. I had trouble reading new music and Hawaiian words at the same time.

It was a special Sunday, and the Royal Order of Kamehameha was visiting – a group of Hawaiian elders, dressed in suit and tie, with colorful shawls on their shoulders. I wish I had gotten a picture of them, but I didn’t want to get my phone out in the middle of the service.

During the service, I got a text – my second grade teacher and her husband were on island, and were coming to my church. Ack! Fortunately, the service ended in time for me to get back to my church in time.

My teacher and her husband are on the cruise that circles the islands. They were going on an excursion in the afternoon, so they didn’t have time to hang out, but we had a little time to chat after church. It was so fun to see them! Diane took a picture of us after church:

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3 Responses to Comings and Goings

  1. Lauren says:

    Yikes! I’m glad that the timing worked out and you could see them. How funny that you were able to meet!

    That church looks so interesting. I was just telling Rachel and Sam how you visit other churches and how I’d like to do the same. It’s good for the mind and soul to see how other places worship.

    I am both sorry and relieved for your Aunt Bev. She was such a vibrant, love-with-all-your-might person, and I know that she was struggling after the stroke. I wrote on your Aunt Linda’s Facebook page that I was blessed to know her, and I think that is true of everyone in her life.

  2. Carol says:

    Prayers for peace and comfort for all your aunt has left here awaiting the joyous reunion in heaven one day…

    How adventurous of you to strike out on your own to a church where the music and words were all relatively foreign…and what were you doing checking your text messages during worship, young man? Anyway, glad that all worked out – yea for a happy reunion on Earth as well.

  3. Debbie says:

    Wow that you almost missed you’re second grade teacher! How neat that you got to see them for a bit. Great pic.

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