Tree Trauma

The trees I planted behind my classroom are doing well, but it’s hard to tell because the grass has grown so high around them. I should trim it.

One of the trees did have an issue though. Someone had put a milk crate full of kitchen dishes on top of it. I think it was a homeless person who was hiding it. I took it off of the tree and out of the grass on Sunday. It was gone yesterday.

The tree looks like it is recovering. There is a scrape on its little trunk, but I think it will be ok.

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2 Responses to Tree Trauma

  1. Lauren says:

    A crate full of dishes? On your tree? On school grounds? Yikes. The homeless people in your state…. that’s a situation I can’t quite wrap my head around, despite seeing it. I’m glad your tree will recover, though!

  2. Debbie says:

    What? A crate of dishes? Was it the traveling chef? Did they not see the baby tree trying to be established in the world! And behind your school? Weird. Glad you checked…. and maybe you should pay a visit everyday? Take your kids on an “errand, nature” field trip.

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