Bees and Fruits

I went out to my lanai to enjoy the cool morning yesterday, and ended up getting really excited about my cucumber plants.

First of all, I noticed that they were really attracting honeybees. I have never seen even one bee on my lanai before this. Now I was seeing several of them gathering nectar from the cucumber flowers.

I was also excited to see that two of my cucumber plants had small cucumbers already. The “Spacemaster” variety had tiny cucumbers at the bases of the flowers ever since it had flowers, but now it has one that’s growing bigger:

And then I noticed that the “Muncher” variety of cucumber had a fruit on it too! Awesome!

Hopefully the birds will leave them alone. And the ants. My plant pots are filled with ants. I think I might need to find some way to get rid of them without harming my plants.

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  1. Lauren says:

    You already have a little harvest?!?! That is splendid! This is like watching a gardening show, but in real time.

    Speaking of ants, the spot where I tried to plant some pepper seeds is the gateway to an ant colony. I need some ant stuff, too.

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