School’s Out

Yesterday was the last day of school. I met with the seventh graders first thing the morning for a math test. Then we did our last chapel of the year. I got teary. It’s been a weird couple of months.

Later in the morning, the kids came to drop off textbooks and clean their lockers.

It was fun to see them, but sort of anti-climactic. I like the craziness of the last day and all the good-byes. Some of the kids gave me cards or gifts. One kid wrote one of the nicest notes I’ve ever gotten. Another kid gave me a couple of homemade masks that her mom made. What a sign of the times! But I do really like them. I’ll definitely use them.

After school, I went home and ate too much. Ugh. Then I felt gross, so I went for a walk. The sun was setting. It was gorgeous!

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3 Responses to School’s Out

  1. Lauren says:

    Well done, Mr. Royuk. It has been the weirdest time ever, and I’m the school part is done for a while for you.

    Your kids seem wonderfully thoughtful. I went to a fabric store and was admiring all the different styles of masks. In fact, watching a Captain America movie a while ago, when Bucky Barnes showed up looking alll crazy and frightening, my first thought was, “Cool mask design. Your glasses wouldn’t fog up……”

  2. Debbie says:

    We will never forget the year 2020 for sure! It’s amazing how we all adapt and just keep going. That’s life, adapt and persist! I’m glad you can unwind now and have new focuses. What a wonderful class you had, i’m sure you’re their favorite teacher! Happy summer!

  3. Carol says:

    So you got to meet with your 7th graders up close and personal? Neat…

    We still have a week to go, and I don’t see anything like that happening on our end of the planet. I fear one or more individuals would mistakenly try to hug someone and start a riot of disinfecting or worse. Sigh.

    Enjoy all your free time now. Wondering what next school year will be like…?

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