Lake Day

Yesterday we met Curt at Pawnee Lake. He brought his Jet Ski. Did you know Jet Ski is a brand name? The generic term for that kind of vehicle is “personal water craft”

Anyway, Lloyd and I got there at about 10:30am. We stayed until the afternoon. Lots of people came during the course of the day. We all sort of knew each other, and everybody knew Curt. It was fun.

We sat in the shade by the lake. It was a nice day.

At one point, we saw a guy open up a box and turn it into a kayak. It was amazing! I went over to talk with him about it, but he wasn’t too talkative. It was an Oru Kayak.

The highlight of my day was being pulled behind the Jet Ski on an inflatable couch. In the morning, the water was smooth, and Curt swung us back and forth behind him. In the afternoon, the water had some waves, and bumping on them was fun.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! How delightful! You guys look ready to watch t.v.! Curt is an awesome friend!

    (I love that kayak, too. Soooooo clever!)

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