Lincoln Times

Yesterday Lauren had the day off, so she only went in to work for a couple hours. Then we went to Lincoln. Yay! First, she had a doctor’s appointment, but then we went looking for stuff. Woo hoo!

Our first stop was a home store. I want to get some new curtains for my living room. I didn’t find curtains, but I was amazed at how big the store was. There was an entire aisle dedicated to decorative balls.

I was also looking for some plants for Lloyd and Lauren’s garden. We went to one of my favorite garden places to visit in Lincoln:

I got a plant from there, and others from Lowe’s and Home Depot. I’m going to have a wonderful time planting them in the coming days.

After getting back to Seward, I headed to Lincoln again to have dinner with my mom and Brent and Sandra. We ate here:

It was a lovely dinner. Good food, good conversation… a wonderful time with family.

What a wonderfully full day! I collapsed into my bed and fell asleep immediately when I got back to Seward.

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2 Responses to Lincoln Times

  1. Lauren says:

    Now we know the secret: just tucker you out before bedtime!

    It was a lovely day off. Thank you for catering to my every whim!

  2. Debbie says:

    Oh my, decorative balls! I would have been in that isle for 30 minutes! How fun!

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