Three Towns

After church yesterday, I gathered with family to have a good-bye lunch. It was at the Mexican restaurant on the Seward town square. The front door has a great view of the court house.

The meal was delicious. Some of my taco cheese fell in the table and made what looked like a Japanese kanji character. I had to take a picture.

My flights were pretty unremarkable. I had to run in the Minneapolis airport to make my connection, so there was a little excitement. Also, my plane to LA was old and made a LOT of noises. I prayed a lot.

But I arrived in LA early. I was glad to be on the ground. I’ll be here a couple of days before I continue on home to Maui.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That courthouse picture is breathtaking! That’s going to need some wordage to become our new town poster. Wow!

    Well, at least part of your travels were peaceful. The other parts brought you closer to God and increased your cardio, so there’s that, right?

    You are very missed. Nobody’s putting on their shoes to go to exercise at boot camp this morning. 🙁

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