Lead Lei

The other day when my friend from church, Cheryl, was talking with me about having some trees for me, we talked about lei-making. She told me you could make a lei with the seed pods of the white lead tree. I was excited to hear that, because white lead trees grow like weeds in Maui, and I think they’re ugly. If I can think of them as useful, that’ll make me like them more.

So scraggly

Yesterday when I came back out of my classroom to go home, there were lei ingredients on my windshield. Cool!

You roll the green seed pods, which are very flexible, then stick a toothpick through them. Once they’re brown and dry, you take out the toothpicks and thread a string through the toothpick holes.

She showed me a completed one that day we talked, and not only was it beautiful, it made a pleasant noise when the seeds rattled in the dried pods!

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2 Responses to Lead Lei

  1. Lauren says:

    I was SO confused when I saw those containers. My first thought was, “They grow like BEADS??” then “Where did he get containers so quickly.” It took a bit, but I get it now – Cheryl seems like a magical fairy godmother, providing beautiful things just as you need them!

    Those pods seems pretty dang cool. Very scraggly-tree-redeeming.

  2. Diane says:

    Hi Brad,

    Lead tree is more popularly known as Ipil-Ipil. Apart from its unique name, the tree is also renowned for its numerous health benefits. We have people who come on our campus and go behind the school to get the pods for tea. You can go online to read all of the wonderful things it can do for you!

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