Five Fish

I saw a posting for angelfish on Craigslist. It was a month old, but still, if I could get angelfish for my classroom aquarium for $2 each, that would be great!

I emailed the guy, and he said he had fish left. Nice! I went to meet him on Wednesday night. He said that since I was a teacher, there would be no charge for the fish. Woo hoo!

His wife asked what school, and when I told her, she said her brother taught there. I didn’t teach with him, because he left right before I came, but I do know of him, and I told her so. In fact, the barrel I’ve posted about was set up by him. Ha! So fun to make connections like that!

I put the angelfish in the tank, but didn’t take pictures because it was so late. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

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2 Responses to Five Fish

  1. Lauren says:

    That first photo looks like the guy on the left is in trouble or something.

    What kind people with amazing connections! Win win!

  2. Carol says:

    No, Lauren…the fish on the left was trying to get the rest of the conga line to move over a bit for the leg kicks he had planned later in the choreography.


    Angelfish have no legs, you say?

    Okay, then, Lauren…you’re probably right. Wonder what he did? Hmmmm

    P.S. -Great free fish, Brad!!

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