Piano and TV

I played piano in church yesterday. It had been a LONG time. I made a lot of mistakes.

Figuring I must have done my one productive thing for the day, I spent most of the rest of the day binge-watching a new(ish) Star Trek show.

I am interested enough to keep watching it, but there are a lot of scenes where people are sitting together and talking softly. That makes me sleepy.

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3 Responses to Piano and TV

  1. Lauren says:

    I have to turn on closed captioning for that kind of thing. 😉

  2. Carol says:

    It only earned 3.5 stars? I’m saddened…anything with Patrick Stewart in is rates at least 4 in my book.

    How do you access this series now? (No pun intended. We do not have CBS All Access, but we have been recording/watching “Discovery” now that it’s on good old regular CBS)

    • Brad says:

      Carol, I haven’t read the reviews, but my take on it being less than five stars is that it’s not like TNG. It’s much slower. There are a LOT of the “talking softly” scenes. And it tells takes the entire season to tell one story instead of telling one story per episode.
      A much more TNG experience is “The Orville”. It’s a little crass sometimes, but it feels much more like the old TNG episodes to me.

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