Nameless Treasure

I have often driven past a bush I don’t recognize, but I like. It has pale greyish leaves, and recently exploded with purple flowers. I seriously considered knocking on the person’s door to ask if I could have a cutting.

But then I found out my trainer had one in her back yard. And it’s not a bush – it’s a tree. She gave me some cuttings. I’m so excited to see if they root!

There are four cuttings in the pot

Going into my trainer’s back yard meant going through her house. I’ve never been in there. She talks about her dogs all the time, but I never met them. Until yesterday. They were so fun! Francisco is a big dog… a pit bull? He was really playful. Fernando is a chihuahua. He was mostly quiet and loved being scratched.

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4 Responses to Nameless Treasure

  1. Lauren says:

    Another transplant! Soon your lanai will be an arboretum (is that the term?) of all the native foliage in Maui!

  2. Kristi says:

    So, what is its name? I really want to know!!!!!!

    • Brad says:

      I just did a search…

      It is called Texas Sage or Barometer Bush. The name “barometer bush” comes from the fact that it grows in super dry locations, and blooms profusely after (or sometimes even right before) rain. Some of the anecdotes said people believed these bushes could predict severe storms or hurricanes. Interesting…

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