Paint Confusion

I didn’t get much work done yesterday, because I was trying to fix my kitchen color. I discovered the idea of getting paint sample sizes. For five bucks, you can get a tiny container of the color you’re interested in, and you can paint it on the wall to see how it actually looks.

Now my kitchen is covered in paint samples. I’m afraid my kitchen wall paint is getting too thick. I think I might be losing square footage.

None of these colors look like this in real life. I’m so confused about what color these paints actually are..
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4 Responses to Paint Confusion

  1. Lauren says:

    Well, you’re on your way to a camouflage look if you just want to embrace that?

    I am sorry that this is so weird. Do you want help brainstorming other ideas? Giant chalkboard? Mural of the rat from Ratatouille? Sheet music wallpaper? Recipes? White paint? I’ll stop now….

  2. Mark (Lauren's brother) says:


    Is the main light in the kitchen a fluorescent fixture?

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