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Bugs and Bloom

The taro plants at school had a lot of aphids, so I sprayed soapy water on them. Unfortunately, the soap solution was too strong and burned the leaves. Fortunately, taro plants are fast growers and have new leaves on them already. Unfortunately, the aphids are back. Fortunately, some ladybugs are eating them. I won’t have to even use soap this time!

In other school-garden news, the native hibiscus plant is blooming. Woo hoo! I didn’t even see the flower bud on it, and all of a sudden yesterday there was a full-on flower!

I also took a picture of it with my hand for scale. It’s not as showy as hybrid hibiscus plants can be, but it has a delicate elegance.

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  1. Lauren

    Ahhhhh….. plants at your work place! Hooray for your surroundings feeding your soul! I bet that area is a happy place for others, too.

    By the way, go ladybugs! If the early childhood children haven’t seen the aphids and their predators yet, they should – and then it’s a great segue* into ‘The Very Grouchy Ladybug’.

    * This is the first time I’ve realized that ‘segue’ is not spelled like Segway, the motorized personal vehicle. I wondered why autocorrect kept capitalizing it.

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