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Knight Night

I’ve made my usual pit stop in LA, but something unusual is happening – Denis had a job interview in Las Vegas. I went along, because… Las Vegas! Woo hoo! While he was in his interview, I went to the mall. There was a store there called “Brad’s Toys”. Hehe… it was full of action figures and comic book stuff. Awesome!

His interview went well. He will meet with the CEO next, then see what kind of offer they make.

After the interview, we went to stay at the MGM Grand hotel. Yay! I love staying in hotels. And then Denis said we were going to a show, but he said it was a surprise.

Ha! It was a medieval dinner and joust show! That’s on my LIST! He said he knew that, and that’s why we went.

The show was awesome. We ate with our hands

We cheered for our designated knights (we were sitting in the France section).

And we watched them joust. So exciting!

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  1. Lauren

    WOW!!!!!!! That is so, so cool!!! Denis, that is a fantastic surprise, and I am so jealous! (Except for the jousting, which I would have to watch from behind my hands. Too nerve-wracking, even for pretend.) What a fun time!

    Denis, I hope you get the job! Good luck!

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