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In the Light and of the Lights

I left school early yesterday because it was one of the few times I could. I got home while it was still light! I got a picture of the breaker box sticker. The electric company says I need to move the breaker box, and they put a sticker in the new position:

I also got my Christmas lights up. I finally decided I’d just put some corrosion-resistant deck screws into the eaves and just hang the lights off of them. But then I noticed that the light sockets had little clips on them. They pinched on to the little piece of siding trim that wraps under the eaves. I didn’t need the screws at all! Perfect!

It’s not a lot of lights, but it at least joins in with the Christmas spirit of the neighborhood. 🙂

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  1. Lauren

    Oh, the lights are just perfect! How lovely!

    Why on earth does the electric company need that thing moved three feet? That makes no sense at all. You should look around for clues that it has been moved three feet before. I sense a racket going on….

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