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Starry LEGO

I posted about the Van Gogh plush toy a student gave me, but I didn’t post about the Starry Night thing she saw me admiring. It’s a LEGO version. So cool! There’s even a mini-fig Van Gogh painting the picture in the lower right:

I am fascinated by LEGO things, and I often think about getting them, but I always decide not to, because what would I ever do with them? I’d need to get a shelf or a cabinet so they could be displayed or something…

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  1. Lauren

    Don’t let Sam hear you say that. He’d talk you into having LEGO stuff around so fast it would make your head spin.

    That scene is super-cool. I do have a small beef with LEGO sets, though, because once they are complete… that’s it. Give me a tub of loose parts any day. 😉

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