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I’m back in LA. I forgot to list my flight numbers. I went through Houston this time. It was a quick layover. The plane from Lincoln was small, so my seat was an aisle seat and a window seat. I seldom sit in window seats. The clouds were pretty.

When I got home I was so tired. I slept for a couple of hours. Then I had exercise scheduled. That made me feel a little better. And helped me sleep last night.

…and now back to our regularly scheduled school. I have a little ways to go yet. We’re not done until June 14.

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  1. Lauren

    I pray that the next few weeks are 1) productive, 2) more than bearable, 3) fast and even perhaps joyful.

    How nice that you got to see the clouds – an ‘aisle and window seat’ seems to be the best of all worlds!

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