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Quest Quompleted

For a long time now, I’ve been looking for pots for my bathroom orchids. The window they’re in is high, and the pots are at eye-level, so I wanted to get something I liked. I’ve looked in stand-alone garden centers, in home improvement superstores, in discount home decoration places, and even in Ireland. It has been so fun! I love quests!

But sadly or happily (I’m not sure how to feel about this), I found pots I like.

I was at my favorite garden center here in LA, and saw on the shelf, with regular old terra cotta pots, some pots that looked like terra cotta but were a different color. I’ve seen painted terra cotta before, but this looked like unpainted clay that was grey instead of red. I’ve never seen this before – so exciting!

They had a seven of these pots left. I bought them all. They were only $3! So cool!

For the memory archive, these are Spang flowerpots. They are my new favorite. I want more! I went to their website to read about them. THIS page talks about the “marbled” pots I bought.

I haven’t re-potted my orchids yet. I usually do that when they are finished flowering. But I did set them inside the new pots so I could see how they look. I like them!

Over time, water will come through the porous clay to perhaps even encourage some moss or algae to grow on the pots. I would love to see that happen.

…but I don’t know what I’ll look for when I go into stores now.

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  1. Lauren

    First of all: hilarious title.

    Second – those are gorgeous! I am so glad you found what you were looking for! They are just perfect, and their website is rather thorough.

    I get it about ending a quest. My travel shopping/searching is over. *sigh*

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