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Computerized Cleaning

My current method of cleaning the pool floor and walls has been a thingy attached to a hose that’s attached to the pool filter. The suction moves the thingy across the floor and walls, scraping things and vacuuming things.

Yesterday I got a new cleaning thingy delivered. But this one’s a robot! It’s kind of like those room vacuuming robots, except this one works under water. And there is no charging station under the water of course – you have to take it out to charge it.

I haven’t used it yet, but the internet seems to suggest that this works well. And I’ll be glad to have stuff sucked up into the basket of this vacuum instead of being sucked up into my pool filter.

It’s sleek and black and fancy-looking – like Darth Vader’s pool cleaning droid or something.

Here’s a picture with Bruno for scale:


  1. Carol

    That guy’s huge (…the robot…Bruno is a fine size…)! Foelbers have a relatively-automatic pool cleaner that moves randomly around their pool to keep it clean as well, but it seems far smaller and I don’t think it needs removal for charging. Sure hope this does the trick for you – if not, have you considered ordering a bucket of snails to toss in there? I mean they’re pros at aquarium cleaning… 😉

  2. Debbie Foelber

    We actually have 2 automatic pool cleaners. Our one for the bottom that works great. We use it every few days depending on the amount of debris. Carol saw our new skimmer cleaner which runs continuously on solar energy when we are not in the pool.
    We also got some Frog Logs this year to help small animals climb out of the pool. Enjoy your pool!

    • Brad

      Debbie, thanks for the info 🙂
      I’m still learning about pool stuff. I have a little more time to look at things since school isn’t in session.

  3. Peggy

    Have you gotten in your pool much? We want to see pictures of you enjoying it!

    • Brad

      Peggy, I have gotten in it a couple of times since I got back. It’s warm here now, and after I’m outside for a while, the pool feels good.

  4. Karla

    Is that like the one I sent you a link to just as you were leaving on your Big Trip?

    • Brad

      Karla, it’s the same brand, but not the same model.

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