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Familiar Faces

When I’m eating at my desk at school on weekends or evenings, I often open up YouTube to watch a short video. Usually, it’s something from Bible Project.

Yesterday, I watched one of those, then clicked on a suggestion in the sidebar. It was a video about different denominations. It was interesting to watch, but partway through, I was surprised to see people I recognized:

The upper right corner of the video is a picture from when I lived in Maui. The synodical president visited us for our church’s anniversary. The guys on either side of him are my old pastors! Ha! How fun! They’re famous!


  1. Lauren

    Hee hee – of course he’d want to visit Maui for the anniversary. Who wouldn’t? 😀

    That video looks interesting. I need to carve out 12 minutes of my t.v. time to watch it….

  2. Deborah

    That’s funny that he went to Maui for the anniversary. My home church which is an hour and a half north of St. Louis had their 175th anniversary a few years ago. He was invited but didn’t come. As my Grandma would say, “He’s no dummy!”

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