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Coloring Completed

Last week Monday, I was off from school. I started painting my bedroom, but I ran out of time. Yesterday I finished it! Woo hoo! I completed something!

The old color was a purplish brown. The new color is a bluish/grayish white. It’s called “Ice Sculpture”. Here are some before and after pictures. The “after” looks shiny, because it wasn’t dry yet, but I wanted to post pictures from daytime. The finish on the new paint is matte.

Maybe tomorrow I can put the room back in order. If I get my grading done in a timely manner.


  1. Lauren

    Wow! That is a very dramatic change – from darker to bright and light! I chuckle at how you and Beth are on the opposite ends of the color spectrum. She’d go back to the ‘before’ in a heartbeat, but this color totally suits you. Congratulations on getting it done! Can’t wait to see the final scene. (This really is like Trading Spaces….)

    • Beth

      Hahaha! For real!
      My whole house is “warm neutral”…or as Tim calls it, “brown”.

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