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A Tie, a Shirt, and a Miracle

He is risen! Alleluia!

Yesterday I went out to get my Easter tie. This is the third such tie. It’s kind of fun, and it gives me an excuse to get new tie. I have a lot of ties, but only several really nice ones… ten or so. This way, my selection of nice ties increases each year. This year, I was looking for an orange tie. I went to Arunel Mills Mall to look around. In Burlington Coat Factory, I hit the motherlode. Here is what I selected:


While I was there, I went to Banana Republic, as is my wont. Everything in the store was 40% off. Forty percent off outlet prices. I did a good job of controlling impulses, though. I got another of my long sleeved shirts for $7. In the picture below, I tried to pose like a model to show off my shirt and my Easter haircut, but Max couldn’t stand not being the center of attention, so he had to ruin it. He’s such a ham.


Right as it was getting dark, I had gone into the back yard. It was there I witnessed an Easter miracle:

Cue the music.

It’s only a single cherry blossom, but it gives me hope. I still may kill it, but at least I’m considering keeping it now.


  1. Lauren

    He is risen indeed!!

    Your model picture cracks me up. Very nice – even with your Easter ham. 🙂

    Bloom, little tree! Bloom!! Bloom as if your very life depended on it! (Which it does.)

  2. Kristi


    It looks to me that you’re sportin’ a bit of a green mohawk to go with your new green shirt.

    • Beth

      Heh. You always notice the details. 😀

      He is risen!!

      • Peggy

        He is risen indeed!

        Nice tie, & shirt & miracle! Hi Max…nice to see ‘ya…and you can turn around for the pictures…no one out here will mind.

        Hehe…Easter ham…but really…he’s not, right? right?

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