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A Skeleton in God’s Closet

While I was in Nebraska I got a book called “A Skeleton in God’s Closet” by Paul Maier. I had heard of it before, and saw it in the university bookstore while we were visiting my mom, and I needed something to read on my plane trip home, so I got it.

I just finished it last night, and I loved it. It feels similar to “The Davinci Code”, except the author knows something about Christianity and archaeology. I was captivated. It was a real page-turner for me. The story is about an archaeological discovery that threatens to destroy Christianity as a group of scientists struggle to make sense of the findings. I couldn’t wait for school to be over yesterday so I could get back to reading it.

I liked the book for its treatment of faith, the stuff I learned about archaeology (the author is an expert), and the fact that the heroes were smart people. I love it when the heroes are smart people. I feel smart right along with them.

Some people who reviewed it on Amazon didn’t like the dialog or the romantic subplot, but I didn’t feel that way. It’s a great read. I hereby make it an official bradaptation recommendation.

A good book.


  1. Lauren

    Awesome! I like these book reviews and vote for you doing more of them. Would you read ‘More Than a Skeleton’ next for us? Maybe we could start a book club!

    • Deanne

      mee too!

  2. Peggy

    Have we talked about this book before? I bought it years ago, hardback, but one of my kids said, our neighbor has that book…return it & borrow theirs. So I did. The neighbor didn’t own the book…and I never got it again. I like your review.

    Maybe I can borrow yours.

  3. Carol

    Paul Maier…the same Paul Maier who is coming to a neighboring church next month to speak on Biblical archeology? Tres coincidental…

    Don’tcha’ just love a good read? Don’tcha’ just love having the time for a good read? Mine all have to wait until summer…sigh…I think I’m jealous that you are still conscious long enough in the evening to read a book.

    • Lauren

      If you guys don’t get that man’s autograph, you’re crazy!

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