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The Book Thing

When I cleaned off the bookshelf in the computer room, I boxed up the books I didn’t want. I had heard from Brady about some place called The Book Thing. Apparently, they give books away free. Free!

After looking at their website, I saw that they take donations too. Since they’re only open Saturday and Sunday, I went yesterday morning. I went in the morning because it was hot yesterday. Very hot. But a bookstore where all the books are free? Very cool!

The place had a lot of people in it. I took a picture when I first stepped in, thinking that was the entire establishment.

The blue bins were childrens books.

But it wasn’t the entire place. It was HUGE! I got a few books from the humor section to put on my “spare time reading” shelf in my classroom, then got out of there. The place wasn’t air conditioned, it was already hot, and it was only 10am.

The rooms in back looked like a library - books floor to ceiling.


  1. Carol

    This IS a very cool thing – never a need to feel guilt about removing unread or no-longer-wanted printed matter from the home any longer! Hope the building at least has a dehumidifier in weather such as we’ve been having to prevent the paper from absorbing too much moisture – that might keep the perceived temp in the rooms down as well.

    This place harkens of a much larger place that is not free in Columbus, OH – The Book Loft…32 rooms of unread but not necessarily brand new books, greeting cards, and the like. A person could spend all day in there (they do air condition the place, as I recall) – I know; we have been known to do just that on trips through the area. Now, though, when I crave the place, I’ll look toward Vineyard Lane here instead and see if it measures up…once the temp goes down, of course…some time about October…whew!

  2. Lauren

    Oh, dear. Don’t let Lloyd read this post.

    • Beth

      I see a trip to Baltimore in Llyod’s future.

      • Beth

        Er…And a name change.

  3. anna

    I WANT TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF I WERE YOU I’D GRAB A MILLION BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …maybe you shouldn’t have let me read this…’CAUSE I WANT ALL THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

    • anna

      By the way…


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