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I’ve been searching for my current favorite toothpaste since I came to Nebraska. I ran out before my trip here, so I’ve been using a less favorite berry-flavored variety. I’m not fond of the berry, so I’ve been looking for my Tom’s of Maine Sweet Mint Gel, but since I can’t find it, I’ve wondered if there was some sort of substitute I could use.

Avoiding sodium saccharine is hard. Nearly every toothpaste contains it. But I did find another Tom’s of Maine product I haven’t tried yet: a kid’s version of their mint toothpaste. I got some.



It’s nice because the mint flavor is not overwhelming. It’s not as sweet as the Sweet Mint Gel variety though, so this is not a replacement, it’s only a stopgap substitute. I will keep searching for the Sweet Mint Gel…


  1. Lauren

    I bet they’d really like that toothpaste in Boston. “It’s wicked cool and wicket smaht.”

    • Lauren

      Dang it. I messed up a lot of code in that comment. Would you please fix it?

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