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Potentially Flowery

It’s cold enough outside that I’ve brought my houseplants inside. I have more this year than last year. In spite of my best efforts to declutter, I can’t seem to resist having lots of plants.

The sunniest window is probably my bedroom. There is a bay window there, so lots of glass for the sun to come in. It’s also the sunniest side of the house. I have three big plants there now: My tree philodendron, my sambac jasmine, and my calamondin orange.

Right when I brought the orange plant in, it developed tons of flower buds. I don’t know if it was triggered by the decreasing light period or the decreasing temperatures. Either way, if the buds ever open, my bedroom will smell wonderful.

They keep getting bigger, but none have opened.

They keep getting bigger, but none have opened.


  1. Lauren

    Yeah, so what is going on with plants budding now? The trees we planted on the playground are budding now. I worry that they are going to be in for a rude awakening (sleepening?) in a couple of days. Can they come live in your bedroom? 🙂

  2. Debbie Fettig

    I don’t think you can have too many plants. You’ve seen our house….nuff said. HA

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