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LA to Nebraska

I traveled from LA to Nebraska yesterday, with a layover in Los Vegas.

My flight to Vegas went pretty well. It was only 45 minutes long. The layover was two and a half hours. I slept a little in a hallway that seemed quiet, except it joined Terminal C to Terminals A and B, so lots of people walked through. Some of them were loud-talkers.

The flight from Vegas to Omaha was not so good. There were no charging outlets on the plane, so I couldn’t use my phone, and I forgot to bring a book. I was kind of bored… until the last 40 minutes of the flight, where we experienced mild turbulence.

Three things made the turbulence more tolerable than it would otherwise have been:
One, the captain said there would be turbulence. When I know it is expected, then I don’t immediately think it’s engine trouble or a mechanical failure of some kind
Two, I was sitting close to the front, so I could see and hear the flight attendants chit-chatting. When they are calm or even kind of bored-looking, it really helps me.
Three, I could see out the window. This is something I have just discovered – if I can see the land, I am less scared. I actually asked the person across the aisle if she would open her window so I could see out, and she kindly obliged.

The afternoon and evening in Nebraska passed quickly with a ride back from Omaha with Lloyd and a delightful Runza dinner with Lloyd, Lauren, and my mom. I slept well last night.


  1. Lauren

    It is so good to have you here! I am sorry for all the trouble that you have to do to get to that point, though.

    There are some weird motion-sickness glasses that have liquid in the frames to keep the wearer aware of where ‘down’ is at all times, but they probably wouldn’t be helpful in turbulence. No one wants to watch that liquid splash around. https://www.ebay.com/i/163667420434?chn=ps

  2. Carol

    You and me in fight on the same plane – there’s movie potential there.

    Card-carrying white knuckle fliers.


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