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Beer Balcony

Yesterday was the rehearsal for the wedding of my niece Rachel and her soon-to-be husband Paul. After the rehearsal was the rehearsal dinner, which was awesome. After the rehearsal dinner was a gathering at the local brewery.

The brewery is in an old grain mill building, and it’s really cool. It was so nice to sit and chat with people. I wish I didn’t still have this cough making me feel bad – I would have stayed longer. I did stay long enough to see the sunset from the balcony. It was beautiful.


  1. Lauren

    The sky certainly put on a show last night. Gorgeous sunset, then seizure-inducing lightning for quite some time.

    I am certainly praying that your cough ends quickly. As Deborah said, we should get you back to a doctor.

  2. Carol

    I have a new theory about hwy you seem a tad sickly of late – no human roommate any more to build up immunities from. Makes sense to me., at least. Any chance of that changing?

    –she who has had a human living with her for more than 30 years now and rarely gets sick with anything 😉

    (…okay…now you did it, Carol. You’ll surely come down with something soon!)

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