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Battery Back in Business

Unrelated to my recent accident, my old truck battery died. At first, it could still crank the engine, but very quickly, it completely ran out of juice. I was reduced to jump starting it every time with a portable battery.

I bought a new battery from Costco, because people said it was cheap. I decided I’d switch out the old one myself, because how hard could it be?

The bracket holding the battery down had an old rusty bolt and a nut of indeterminate size. Before I moved, I had an extensive tool collection and could have removed the nut easily. Now, it was a royal pain in the neck.

After three days of tool hunting and visiting stores to get the right size socket (10 mm), I finally got to taking the nut off – and the stinking bolt broke. Instead of all the trouble I went to, I probably could’ve just pried it with a hammer and broke it off. Dang it!

But at least now I have a new battery and I don’t have to jump start it every time.

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  1. Lauren

    What happened? Did you and I eat something forbidden or anger a witch? So much trouble this week. I am sorry for all the bother you went through, but at least it’s done and you’re on the other side. 🙂

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